Theurer Auction/Realty can provide Solutions and can supervise all the tasks of managing the liquidation of personal property or business assets.

Services We Offer:

  • Sell or Appraise Estates and Business Assets
  • Provide sources or recommendations for Attorneys, Contractors, Accountants, Etc
  • Help Families make necessary transition decisions
  • Develop a time frame to meet your objectives
  • Determine best option to liquidate your assets … whether you have One or 100!
  • Educate and assist in understanding the auction process and online bidding platform

The THEURER Advantage!

  • Theurer Auction/Realty LLC has been in the Auction and Real Estate Industry for over 40 years
  • Auctioneers on staff with a combined experience of over 65 years
  • Sold land in 20 Kansas counties as well as conducted auctions in Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and Alaska
  • Sold in excess of $100 Million of Land since 1976
  • Staff of six REALTORS®  located in Wellington, Wichita, and Southeast Kansas 
  • Our philosophy is HONESTY, INTEGRITY and PERFORMANCE
  • Proven strategy of successful marketing in order to maximize value to Sellers
  • Facilitates completely fair and transparent platform for price discovery through competition
  • Optimal method of price discovery
  • Most efficient way to convert property into cash

MarkNet Alliance Advantage

Theurer Auction/Realty LLC is a member of MarkNet Alliance. MarkNet is a nationwide network of auction companies that specialize in the sale of real estate and high end personal property. Your auction also appears on 60 other auction companies’ web sites across the country, receiving traffic every day from investors in residential, commercial, farmland, recreational property, and personal property.

On-line Only Auctions

An on-line only auction takes place exclusively on the internet using a bidding platform built into our web site. The bidding that takes place follows a system similar to eBay. This type of bidding is very conducive to the investor and also prevents friends and neighbors from pulling out of the ring in order to let their friend buy the item.

The other significant feature that our online bidding provides is overtime extensions. This prevents, in eBay terms, “sniping”, where a savvy computer technician can formulate a strategy to bid just seconds before the auction is over, and prevents the field from competition. Our software is set up to extend bidding time for a full 5 minutes after the last bid, if there is a bid placed in the last 5 minutes of open bidding. This ensures that all parties will have a fair chance to bid and buy the item.