Downsizing & Estates Division

Selling a House Full of Personal Property

Are you Relocating? Downsizing? Settling the Estate of a Parent? Do you have a house full of personal property to sell but don't know what to do?

You are not alone. Over 22 percent of the population are Baby Boomers, and many are dealing with the same situation. Baby Boomers married and received items they used -- and treasured -- for life. Your first thought may be to give it to your family ... but the reality is your kids and grandkids don't really want most of your stuff.

So what can you do?

You could sell the property yourself. Selling household items or personal property yourself can be done but comes with challenges. You could haul all the furniture, pots and pans, tools, out onto the yard for a garage sale, but you will probably end up with leftover items that will need to be hauled back inside.

You could always use Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. But how much time do you have to take pictures of each individual item, post online, and then have to deal with all the inquiries and questions from people who don't read your post. The next challenge will be arranging for buyers to pick up their items.

The whole process is daunting and time consuming -- especially when the majority of the family doesn't even live in the area.

Is there a better way? YES !! You can HIRE someone to do it for you!

You shouldn't have to worry about getting full market value for your property or assets. You also shouldn't have to spend an incredible amount of time it would take to effectively sell your own personal property.

THEURER AUCTION can take care of it for you! Items will be marketed and sold through a competitive bidding online platform. Buyers don't have to show up on a given day at a specific time to buy what they are interested in. They can bid from the convenience of their home, office or mobile device, anytime during the auction period. This method of marketing means MORE buyers and stronger competition for your items.

To find out how we can help make this process smoother and achieve market value in a timely manner, give us a call today at 620.326.7315 or send an email to [email protected], and we will be in touch.