Auction Marketing

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Once you’ve decided to sell your property, we will implement our marketing plan designed to reach your targeted market. Our extensive experience in marketing as well as use of non-traditional methods has led us to be one of the most successful auction companies in the Midwest. The first essential step in the development of a good marketing plan will be to identify the target market to attract serious buyers with real purchasing power.

The well-balanced marketing campaign will utilize many different types of advertising including:

  • Strategic Target Marketing – Identifying the marketplace and the target market is an essential step
  • Direct Mail – Custom materials promoting your property, including a high quality, professionally designed marketing piece mailed to our targeted mailing list
  • Newspapers and Trade Publications – Eye catching display advertisements in National, Regional and Local newspapers, as well as specialty publications and trade journals
  • Global Digital Marketing – According to recent studies by the National Association of REALTORS, 90% of all buyers find the properties they buy in the Internet, and nearly 100% view the properties online before they purchase. We depend heavily on the Internet and implement many resources.
  • National, Regional & Local marketing using Websites and Printed Material, Professional Brochure Design to show property information, direct mailing, email campaign, and other custom marketing efforts depending on the specific property
  • A full description and photo gallery on the featuring your property
  • A detailed Property Information Packet is typically prepared to assist buyers in their evaluation and due diligence process.
  • Use of the Theurer Auction/Realty website and Automatic spydering to 250+ other sites, including,, Auction Guide, and the National Auctioneers Association website. Additional listings on exclusive high traffic websites and the opportunity to be a featured property on the front page of such sites and many other websites depending on your targeted market.
  • The auction information office will arrange tours of your property.
  • In the days leading up to the auction, a site director will be on site (residential) to show your property to interested parties and to assist answering their questions. Marketing