Where Is Wellington Kansas?

What Makes Wellington Special

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Have you ever heard of Wellington, Kansas? Do you know what makes Wellington, Kansas a great place to live? Wellington, Kansas, a town founded in 1871 and named after the Duke of Wellington, is the county seat of Sumner County. Wellington is located in the Heartland of American and has the charm and safety of a small town, yet it is close enough to Wichita to get the benefits of the city. Wellington is the hub for three major highways, Kansas Turnpike I-35, US-81 and US-160, providing easy access of travel.

Wellington, which is part of Sumner County is known as the Wheat Capital of The World, providing the largest productivity of wheat to our nation. Wellington also has a strong presence of railroad due to BSNF and Union Pacific utilizing the town as a central location for shift and load transfers; and has strong ties to the petroleum and aircraft parts manufacturing industry, which provides our locals opportunity for good stable employment and economic growth. 

There have been many well-known individuals who have graced their presence in Wellington, whether growing up or passing through. Walter Chrysler worked for the railroad and lived in Wellington for a brief amount of time before starting his Chrysler corporation. David Carradine, actor and director, lived in Wellington with his brother Robert and Dan Haggarty during the filming of Americana. Mardie and Nate Cornejor were both major league baseball players from Wellington, Mardie played for the New Your Mets and Nate Played for the Detroit Tigers. These are just a few individuals that have graced their existence in Wellington, helping to put the town on the map and providing notoriety.

Wellington maintains the rustic structures of downtown buildings, providing businesses owned and operated by local residences that provide the community a variety of places to shop and eat. Every summer Wellington has the “Kansas Wheat Festival”, which was originally started to celebrate the completion and success of wheat harvest each year. Over the years, the Wheat Festival has grown to be a celebration that draws individuals and families from all over the state of Kansas and neighboring states. If you ever want to experience a celebration that is fun for the entire family plan to join the people of Wellington the week after July 4th, eating good food, riding carnival rides, and great entertainment as we celebrate farming success and supporting our local businesses.

As we have said, Wellington is known as the Wheat Capital of the World, however upon visiting it will not be unusual to see large fields spread out as white as snow, as cotton is beginning to be produced more and more each year. Sumner County’s diverse soil types allows for local farmers to plant large variety of crops that meet so many of the world’s needs for grains and commodities. 

Wellington has not gone without its fair share of devastation for the town was hit by a tornado in 1892 causing a mass destruction of buildings, residents, and taking the lives and injuring many of the people who resided here. A few years later Wellington had a huge fire that destroyed a large portion of the town, then in 1996 Wellington was faced with a drought that shrunk the crop prices to nothing as the topsoil blew into ditches, and the infestation of insects devoured the grains. Though Wellington has faced its share of unfortunate events it has never ceased to bounce back making the town and its people stronger and more determined to keep their town alive. 

Today, Wellington is a friendly town that welcomes newcomers with open arms. The towns is the home to several churches, and has excellent education system, including an added branch of Arkansas City’s Cowley College campus to allow for growth and opportunities to our youth in hopes that they will remain residing within the community.


So, if you are looking for a great place to relocate to, raise a family in, retire, or just a change, choose Wellington, Kansas. 


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