Staff Profiles

Larry 2015

Larry J. Theurer, CAI, GPPA
Cell: 620.399.3365

Larry J. Theurer, CAI, GPPA, began his auction career in 1976 after graduating from Reisch Worldwide College of Auctioneering. Larry is a real estate broker in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado...

 Cammy 2015

Cammy Theurer McComb AMM
Chief Operating Officer/Assoc Broker
Cell: 620.399.3364

Cammy Theurer McComb has been involved in her family's auction business since she began clerking auctions at the age of 10. Her degree as a Legal Assistant and professional background in Online Marketing,...


Richard Theurer, GPPA, CES
Cell: 620.326.0466

Richard Theurer, GPPA, CES, is an Auctioneer and REALTOR in Kansas and Oklahoma. Richard is a member of the National and Kansas Auctioneers Associations,...

 Jeremy 2015

Jeremy Wiens
Auctioneer/Associate Broker
Cell: 316.640.3193

Jeremy Wiens, is an Auctioneer and Associate Broker in Kansas. He is also a member of the National and Kansas Auctioneers Associations, ....


 Lana 2015

Lana Jeffries

Lana Jeffries began her real estate career in 2003 after owning and operating her own beauty salon for 30 years....


Debbie Overfelt

Debbie Overfelt has been a REALTOR in Kansas since 2004, and specializes in residential home sales....

 Bill 2015

Bill Warner

Bill Warner is a real estate sales associate in Kansas and Oklahoma. He has been a REALTOR for over 25 years, selling in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado....



LaKimbra Baldwin

LaKimbra Baldwin has been selling rural and horse properties in South Central Kansas for over 10 years....

 Liz Hendricks 150311

Elizabeth Hendricks

Liz Hendricks has been a licensed REALTOR in Kansas since 2001 -- and joined Theurer Auction in 2013. Liz holds a BS in Accounting and a MSM in Management....

 Ray Purdy Edited

Ray Purdy

Ray Purdy joined Theurer Auction/Realty in 2011 as a REALTOR and Agricultural Consultant. Prior to that, Ray was in ag lending...

 Mandy 2015

Mandy Thomson

Mandy Thomson is a Wellington native. She began working for Theurer in May 2015 as the bookkeeper, handling accounts receivable, payable, taxes and payroll....


Elise Wartick
Social Media Manager
Cell: 620.262.1145

Elise Wartick is a Wellington native. She began working for Theurer in July 2017 as the Social Media Manager and Receptionist....

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